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Pearl millet - Finger millet - Sorghum/Jowar

Though there are many types of millet, these are more commonly used; pearl millet, foxtail, finger, proso, sorghum etc. These whole grains are very nutritious and are used in Asian and African countries.

Millets are grown and used commonly in India since prehistoric times.

In India it is used as cereals, in soups, in breads, in baby food, as breakfast porridge and in other breakfast recipes.

It is also used as bird and cattle feed.

Now a days, millet is used to make noodles too as it is healthier than maida/white flour. So now we have a healthy option to maida noodles. Millet noodles is tasty too!

types of millet - sorghum, finger, foxtail,pearltypes of millet - sorghum, finger, foxtail,pearl
kodo kodraKodo millet-Kodra-kodua-varagu-arisi-Kodon-Arka-Koovaragu-Arikelu

Millet Nutrition Info

  • Millet are better than rice and wheat in protein, vitamins and mineral contents. It is very nutritious and non glutinous.
  • It is not acid forming, is soothing to the stomach and easy to digest.
  • It warms the body in the cold climate.
  • Millet are least allergic. They are very useful for diabetics.
  • It contains high fiber, protiens, calcium, B complex vitamins and also vitamin E.
  • It is rich in minerals, lowers cholesterol. It is helpful in reducing the weight.
  • Millet are very high in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Finger millet (Ragi) is richest in calcium content.

Millets can be used up to 2 years if stored properly in a cool dry place. Once it is ground to flour, use it within 2-3 weeks.

Types of Millet and Indian names

The different types of these whole grain millets known in Indian languages.

Finger millet - Nachani - Ragi recipes

Finger millet

- is known in Indian languages as Sattu / Mandua(Hindi), ragi (Kannada), nachani / nagli (Marathi), Ragulu (Telugu), Malayalam (Koovarugu), Kelvargu (Tamil).


Foxtail Millet Recipes - Thinai - Navane Recipes

foxtail navne millet-470x403Foxtail - Navne - Tinai millet

Thinai - Foxtail millet- Navne

In Indian languages known as navane in Kannada, Kang or rala/rale in Marathi, thinai/tenai in Tamil, Korra in Telugu.


Pearl Millet Recipes -

bajra pearl milletPearl millet - Bajra

Pearl millet Is also known as black millet and green millet.

It is known in Indian languages as bajra (Hindi,Gujrati), bajri (Marathi), Sajji / Sajje (Kannada), Kambu(Tamil), Gantilu (Telugu), Kambu (Tamil).

India is the largest producer of pearl millet.

Bajra khichdi - Pearl millet khichuri


Jowar - Sorghum - Jwari - Jola - Cholam - Jonna Recipes

sorghum millet jowarSorghum millet jowar

Sorghum - Jowar

Sorghum is also considered a kind of millet.

It is known in Indian languages as jowar (hindi), jwari (marathi), jola (kannada), Cholam (Tamil) , Jonna (Telugu), Cholum (Malayalam).


Barnyard millet - Sama - Varai - Bhagar Recipes

Barnyard millet - Samo rice
bhagar - varai - samaBarnyard millet - Samo rice - bhagar - varai - sama

Barnyard millet - sama rice

Also known as bhagar, varai tandool, samo rice, this millet grain is used for making vrat/upvas recipes.


What types of millets are available and where?

Bajra and Jowar grain as well as flour are used in Maharashtra, Gujarat and north Karnataka region.

Ragi or nachani is used more in the south Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is also used in Maharashtra. It is used to make flat breads (named Bhakari), dosa, rotti.

Ragi grain is malted too and mixed with milk, water or yogurt and eaten at breakfast time. The sprouted ragi flour is used to make baby food. It is also useful for elderly people as it is easy to digest. It is known as vaddragi hittu and ragi huri hittu in Kannada.

How is millet used?

Millet is mainly used as food.

  • Indian Flat breads - bhakri, thalipeet(marathi) in maharastrian cuisine - rotla in gujarati, ragi rotti - kannada - jolada rotti, ragi mudde.
  • To make porridge - kheer
  • Alcoholic beverages - to make beer in Taiwan , east Africa.
  • Base ingredient for distilled liquor - rakshi in Nepal.
  • To make fermented drink in Balkan countries, Romania, Bulgaria etc.
  • Millet is also used as bird and animal feed.
other uses
  • used to fill juggling bean bags along with bird seed

About Millet crops

  • The seed to harvest time of millet is short, about 65 days.
  • Store properly and millet grain keeps good for 2-3 years.
  • Millet crops need less water compared to rice and wheat crops. They are water saving crops.
  • Traditionally grown millet do not need any chemical/synthetic fertilizers.
  • They are pest-free crops.
  • Millet are all-season crops and not season specific like wheat.

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