List of edible seeds - Healthy seeds

List of healthy seeds we eat includes flax, pumpkin etc.

Find here a list of edible seeds. We eat these healthy seeds in different forms. Seeds are rich in nutrients and have many health benefits.

Seeds contain all the nutrients that a plant has. A seed can grow into plant with the leaves, fruit that we use in our food.

We eat some seeds  as they are, raw. Some can not be eaten raw and need to be roasted before eating.

There are many seeds that are used in cooking. Many seeds are ground in to powder form before using them.

List of edible Healthy seeds

English Hindi Marathi Kannada
amranth, dantu, rajgira
Amaranth Seeds
Ramdana Rajgira Dantu, rajgiri
anise, sonfu
Anise Seeds
Vilaiti Saunf, choti saunf Shopa, badishep, badishope Saunfu - Sonpu
Basil Seeds Tulsi beej Tulsiche bee Tulsi beeja
Cantaloupe - Musk melon seed Kharbooza ke beej Kharbooja chya beeya Kharbooja beeja
caraway seeds, shahi jeera
Caraway Seeds
Kala Zira / Kala Jira/ Shahi Zira/ Shahi Jira Shahjire Shajira
cardamom seedsCardamom Elaichi Velchi, Veldode Yelakki, Elakki
ajwain carom
Bishop's weed, Carom Seeds, thymol seeds
Ajwain Ajwain, owa, ova om kalu
celery seeds
Celery seeds
Ajmud Ajmoda
coriander seeds, dhania
Coriander seeds
Dhania Dhane Kothambari Beeja
cumin jeers
Cumin seeds
Jeera Jeere, Jire Jirage
fennel sompuFennel Seeds Saunf Saunf Sonpu
methi, fenugreekFenugreek Seeds Methi Dana Methi Dane Menthe kalu
flax seed alasi
Flax seeds, Tisi, Linseed
Alasi Alasi, javas Alashi, agashi
white pepper corn
White pepper corn
Safed mirch
mustard-seed, sarson, rai
Mustard Seed
Rai, Sarson Rai, mohori Sasive
Nigella - Onion Seeds
Kalonji Kalonji - kandyache bee Kalonji
dill seeds, balant shepwa
Dill Seeds
Suva Balant shepa
lotus seeds
Lotus Seeds
Makhana, kamal gatta Makhane
Breadfruit Seeds
pepper corn, miri, kali mirch
Pepper corn Seeds
Kali Mirch Kali miri
Pine nuts
Pomogranate Seeds Anardana Dalimbache dane - beeya Dalimbe beeja
pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Kaddu beej, Magaj Bhoplyachya beeya Kumbalkayi beeja
khuskhus, poppy seeds
Poppy Seeds
Khuskhus Khuskhus Ghasgase
sesame, til, yellu
Sesame Seeds
Til Til Yellu
Squash Seeds
Watermelon Seeds Tarbooj ke beej, Magaj Tarbooj bee
Sunflower Seeds Suryaphool beej Suryaphool bee Suryakanti beeja

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