Citrus fruit list

This Citrus fruit list includes fruits that have high acidic content. These citrus fruits have high amount of vitamin C.

Vitamin C along with antioxidants and flavonoids is beneficial to healthy diet. These help in improving immune system, reducing bad cholesterol, helping in absorption of iron in our body.

Citrus fruits have a long shelf life. They remain good at room temperature for about 2 weeks and longer in the fridge.

Citrus fruits are natural preservatives when mixed with other fruits and vegetables. Check our mix veg pickle recipe.

Add citrus fruit juice over fruits such as  apples or bananas so that their color will remain same and they will not brown for some time.

Citrus fruits such as lime or lemon is used a lot in cooking, in salads, drinks etc. A variety of pickle is made with only lime or lemon as well as in combination with other fruits and vegetables.

Oranges and sweet limes are used in fresh juices, mock-tails etc.

lime - cut in halflime - cut in half

Grape fruit - Chakota - Chakotara - PomelloGrape fruit - Chakota - Chakotara - Pomello

Grape fruit -  Pomello - Chakota - Chakotara

Tangelo - OrangeTangelo - Orange

Tangelo - orange

Orange - SantraOrange - Santra

Orange - Santra

Sweet lime/lemon - mosambi

Common names - Persian lime, sweet limetta, sweet lime, sweet lemon, Mediterranean sweet lemon

Indian Names - Mosambi and musambi (Hindi/Marathi), Battayi Pandu(Telugu), Cattukkuti (Tamil), Madhura naranga (Malayalam), Mousambi (Gujarati)

Indian Bitter orange - idlimbu - hirlekai pickleIndian Bitter orange - idlimbu - hirlekai pickle

Bitter orange - Sour orange

Known as Bitter orange, Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange.

In Indian languages known as Idlimbu, hirlekaai, narthangai - used to make pickle, as well as spicy rice dish.


Mandarin orange



Clementine is a smallest of tangerines. They are eaten mostly at Christmas.

Clementines are pipless / seedless. They are naturally sweet.

 minneolas, satsumas, uglis, tangerines.

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