Muskmelon Cantaloupe Juice Recipe

Easy Muskmelon Cantaloupe Juice recipe, a video and step by step written instructions. Kharbuj juice recipe.

During summer season, fruit juice is most welcome at any time of the day. Here we are making juice with muskmelon, also known as Cantaloupe in English. Muskmelon is known as kharbooj in Indian languages.

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How to make muskmelon - Cantaloupe - Kharbuj juice

Ingredients for muskmelon - Cantaloupe - Kharbuj juice

The only ingredient I am using for muskmelon juice here is the muskmelon/cantaloupe/kharbuj.

As it is quite sweet by itself, I am not adding any additional sweetener. You will find below instructions if you need to add any sweetener.

Muskmelon, as the name suggests, has it's own sweet taste as well as flavor. There is also a variety of additional flavorings you can add to this juice. These variations are given below.

cantaloupe muskmelon juice -450x439Cantaloupe - Muskmelon - Kharbuj

Cut melon in half. You can see the middle portion with small seeds. This contains lot of juice too.

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This is how we deal with the musk melon to get juice.

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Take out / scoop out the seed portion in a bowl. Keep aside. We will use it too.

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Now cut the melon flesh and scoop it out with a spoon. It comes out easily as it is quite soft. Take out the flesh from both the halfs on melon.

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You can see here is the scooped out muskmelon pieces.

muskmelon scooped -450x253

Next add the seed portion to a sieve and press with a back of a spoon. The juice will be strained this way.

strain muskmelon seeds -450x253

You can see the juice and the scooped out pieces. There was so much juice in the seed portion.

muskmelon pieces juice-450x253

Add the muskmelon pieces and the juice to the blender jar. I am not adding any water here as there is quite a bit of juice. But if you wish, you may add some water or milk if you want thinner juice.

muskmelon blender -450x334

Here is the kharbuj-muskmelon juice after blending.

If you wish, you may add the sweetener of your choice, such as sugar or honey.

I am not adding any sweetener as this muskmelon is quite sweet as it is. I do not want any extra sweetness.

muskmelon juice -450x342

You may chill the juice and then add to the glass or bottle while serving. Or you may add to the glasses and keep the glass or bottle in the fridge.

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 Tips and variations

  • You may add chat masala or some mint leaves.
  • Add some lemon juice.
  • Add sugar or honey or jaggery if you want more sweetness.
  • Add a pinch of salt.
  • Add a pinch of black salt.

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