Lassi Recipe - Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

Lassie recipes - Indian yogurt drink recipe

Lassi Recipe is  a yogurt recipe. It is a popular drink from Northern India. This is also made in south India with a few variations. It is similar to yogurt smoothie or a milkshake.

Lassi is a part of daily diet of many people. It is served as a part of all meals. Most people end their meal with a glass of Lassi.

Curd(plain yogurt) is the basic ingredient in lassi. There are many varieties of lassi. All of them are good as a cooling summer drink.

Lassi is generally topped with fresh cream. It is generally served chilled and therefore is a wonderful hot weather coolant drink.

It can be taken at any time of the day but is mostly served in the afternoons and evenings.

There are many lassi shops, street vendors in India selling frothy sweet or salty lassi on demand.

Many shops have been selling lassi for may decades and are very popular. These vendors set the curd - yogurt in clay pots and the curd is very thick.

They have regular customers who have been visiting these lassi shops everyday for many years.

They serve this lassi in clay glasses and this is known as 'matka lassi' Environment friendly and Very yummy!

They use a clay pot (matka) and a wooden whisk (called mathani) They add a layer of thick fresh cream to the top of the lassie.

At home, you can make salty lassi as well as sweet lassi.

You can also make variations using herbs and spices and fruit pulps or fruit juices.

You can use honey instead of sugar. You can make it rich with cream or butter or ice cream. you can also make it with low fat yogurt if you are watching your calorie intake.

There is also a watery variation of lassi called chaas(chaach), which is popular in Rajasthan and also made in other states. Chass is generally a salty lassi . It is known by different names in other states such as, Tak or Mattha(marathi), Majjige or Masala Majjige(kannada), Mor (tamil).

It is a very welcome drink during summers as it keeps the body cool and also makes you feel satisfied. It is served with all the meals.

Lassi Recipes with Dahi - Curd - Yogurt

Mango lassi is made with mango, an Indian summer fruit and yogurt as a snack or for breakfast.

When mangoes are not in season, this can be made with mango pulp, store bought or home preserved.


Lassi Recipes - Indian yogurt drink recipes


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