Health Benefits Of Eating Yogurt
Store bought or Homemade yogurt

Tips for buying yogurt 
How to increase yogurt consumption?

Do you know the benefits of eating yogurt. First of all it tastes wonderful. Apart from that, there are many health benefits of yogurt.

Yogurt has protein, calcium. It is a good source of riboflavin, vitamin B12.

yogurt curd dahiYogurt - Curd - Dahi

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria which is good for you.

Compared to milk it has more calcium, protein because of the added cultures.

Health benefits of yogurt: Why eat yogurt?


  • is easier to digest than milk.
  • improves natural defense.
  • is useful for people with osteoporosis.
  • is a healthy way to get calcium for the body.
  • is useful for lactose intolerance people(people who can not digest milk)
  • Live and active cultures in yogurt help boost immune system.
  • Live bacteria in yogurt is helpful in digestion of food
  • can prevent stomach infections
  • Active cultures protect against diarrhea
  • Prevents yeast infection
  • Relives ulcers

Already using yogurt in your recipes? If you do not know many recipes where you can use yogurt, you can find them here. Do not miss these ways of healthy eating.

How to increase yogurt consumption

  • Use yogurt for salad dressings
  • Use yogurt to make dips instead of sour cream.
  • Use yogurt for marinating when you are cooking.
  • Instead of making milkshakes make mix fruit yogurt smoothie.
  • Instead of ice-cream, have a frozen yogurt.
  • Make sweet lassi or salt lassi or plain buttermilk, all Indian yogurt based drinks.

Tips for buying yogurt

Make sure it has live and active cultures. Heat-treated yogurt has no live bacteria. It will keep longer but will not benefit you much.

Check that the yogurt does not contain too much sugar if you are watching your calorie content.

Pay attention to expiry dates.

Do you want to make yogurt at home? It is easy.

Go to How to make yogurt at home to know how you can do it.

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