Vegan Rice Recipes

You can use these Vegan rice recipes for making rice dishes for lunch or dinner. You can make some of them for breakfast too.

Some of the original rice recipes use desi ghee (clarified butter) for tempering (seasoning). Replace ghee with the vegetable oil you usually use. 

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Spicy Mango rice - Mavinkai chitranna

- Mango rice made using sour green mango. A recipe from South India.

Lemon rice - Lime rice - Chitranna - Kalasanna

-  Easy to make rice recipe. Usually made for festivals, breakfast and when you want a one dish meal.

Sweet coconut Rice - Narali bhaat 

- Sweet rice pudding recipe made on narali paurnima day in Maharashtra. Also in North Karnataka.

Moong dal and rice khichadi

 -  easy to digest rice and mung bean lentil recipe.

Quick One Dish Meal. Cook in pressure cooker or on the stove top.

Plain cooked basmati rice

Cook perfect basmati rice where each grain is separate.


steamed plain white rice

Plain white rice to make have with sambar, rasam or to make into a variety of rice.

Such as lemon rice, fried rice etc.


We are sure you will find these rice recipes useful. We keep adding recipes so come and take a look.

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