How to cook basmati rice

Cooking basmati rice on the stove top

How to cook basmati rice - Find here instructions to cook on the stove top, either in a pan or a pot, to get fluffy, tasty rice.

Basmati rice is a long grained thin rice. It has a delicate flavor and taste and a clear shiny rich look when cooked.

Cooked basmati riceCooked basmati rice
basmati riceBasmati rice

Basmati is a preferred variety of rice for many rice preparations.

Though it is a bit more expensive, it's taste, aroma and look is worth the price.

As it is a delicate rice it needs special care while handling and cooking to get the best results.

Cooking basmati rice over a stove top

Ingredients for 3 servings of basmati rice:

  • Basmati rice - 1 cup.
  • Water - 1 3/4 cup.
  • Salt (optional)- 1/4 tsp.

Preparation before cooking rice :

  1. Take the rice in a flat plate and Clean rice of any impurities such as stones, husk if any.
  2. Put dry rice in a pan and add water. Wash using your fingers which will remove extra starch and rinse 2-3 times till water runs clear.
  3. Soak rice for 15-30 minutes. This will make rice absorb moisture and the grain will not break easily. That makes fluffy rice with each grain separated.

Cooking Method

  1. Use a heavy bottomed deep pan or pot which has a good lid. This will ensure that the rice will cook evenly. If you use a thin pot, the rice may not get cooked properly at the top while it will be done at the bottom.
  2. In a medium sized heavy bottomed pan, add water, the washed and soaked rice, salt. Bring to boil.
  3. Put a lid in such a way that a little steam can escape easily and reduce flame to lowest.
  4. Let cook for 15 minutes. Switch the stove off.
  5. Close the lid properly and let the pot sit without opening the lid for 10-15 minutes. The rice will be completely cooked by then.
  6. Lightly fluff it with a fork and serve hot with any curry or dal.

Tips for cooking rice

Care should be taken not to stir the rice vigorously while it is cooking as that may break the grains.

Handle the rice carefully after the it is cooked completely. It will become mushy as the grains will break otherwise.

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