Coconut Juice or Tender Coconut Water

Coconut Milk - coconut cream

Coconut juice is also known as tender coconut water, looks almost like water. It is the clear water inside a young green tender coconut. It is very good for health apart from quenching your thirst in the hot weather.

The tender or young green coconut is plucked from the tree before it matures. It is full of water or may contain a little soft coconut cream in it too.

Young green tender coconuts on the tree

If it has some soft coconut, as you can see int he image below, the water is mildly sweet, really very tasty.

If this young coconut had been allowed to mature on the tree, this water would have turned into thick white coconut flesh.

Tender coconut water - coconut juice

You can find the coconut vendors in the Asian countries selling on the road side. They have a good business during summer months.

Now most tourist places have these coconut water vendors offering the coconut with a sickle in hand to open the coconuts.

You may select a coconut yourself or allow the vendor to select for you by specifying whether you want only coconut water or water along with some cream in it.

Remember to choose only green, young, tender coconuts. The hard, brown colored shells usually contain mature coconut fruits.

Coconut water/juice is also available in bottles or cartons. I haven't tasted it yet as the coconut water is easily available in it's natural container, a tender green coconut, in my place.

This coconut juice or coconut water has many medicinal properties and is used for treatment.

Facts and Uses of coconut water - juice

It is naturally mildly sweet.

It suppresses appetite so is useful in weight loss strategies.

It has less calories and less sodium and more potassium than the available sports drinks. It is better to drink it instead of other sugary drinks.

It is useful to sports people, marathon runners.

Drink it to quench your thirst or to cool your body.

Add it to your juice recipes.

Add it as a liquid to your smoothies instead of ordinary water.

Health Benefits of Coconut juice

It improves skin tone. Many facial and skin creams contain coconut extract.

Reduces skin pigmentation, acne, signs of ageing.

It helps the digestion process.

Coconut juice / water is a good source of electrolytes.

It re-hydrates the body.

Coconut water is cholesterol free.

In sickness when a person is on a liquid diet or is dehydrated, coconut water / juice is recommended.

It is a very effective oral liquid to treat dehydration.

Coconut water is good to drink in summer. It cools your body in as well as quenches the thirst.

It dissolves kidney stones.

Reduces bloating.

It kills intestinal worms.


Coconut water should not be consumed everyday by those having hypertension, blood sugar.

Go to know more about Coconut Milk and coconut milk powder.

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