Raw Green tomato recipes

This list of green tomato recipes includes chutney, curry recipes using raw green tomatoes. Most of the time red ripe tomatoes are used in salads, curries and snacks. Green tomato dishes are also very tasty.

Red ripe tomatoes are used more commonly in dishes. Many people do not know any green tomato recipes. So here are some green tomato recipes for you.

Green tomatoes

Though you can not use green tomatoes in place of red ripe tomato in every dish, you may replace red tomatoes with green tomatoes in dishes where you need sourness. The color of the dish will change too.

Green tomatoes have a distinct taste of their own which is very much different from the red ripe tomato taste.

Green raw tomatoes have a little more sourness compared to the ripe red tomatoes.

Green tomato recipes

Green tomato chutney - Raw green tomato chutney

Green tomato chutney

Green tomato curry

Potato and green tomato curry

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