Indian Tea masala chai masala powder recipe

Indian tea masala / chai masala powder recipe. Tea Masala powder recipe with step by step instructions with images and a video. Chai masala gives you warmth and health during the cold winter months and during rainy season. It is good for digestion too.

Tea or chai in the cold winter months and during rainy season is a very welcome hot drink. If you add some chai masala powder to the tea, it is still better. Tea - Chai masala powder is easy to make at home and here below is the recipe for making it.

You may use whole spices if you have them. If you do not have the whole spices but have ready spice powders, you may use them too. Just mix them in the right proportion. I am using the whole spices as I have them in my kitchen.

How to make Tea masala powder - Chai masala

Ingredients for Chai masala - Tea masala powder

  • Cloves - 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom - 2 tbsp
  • Black pepper seeds - 1 tbsp
  • Cinnamon - 1 inch stick
  • Dry ginger - 2 tbsp
  • Nutmeg - 1/2 tsp
  • Fennel seeds - 1 1/2 tbsp

Optional ingredients

  • Lemon grass -  I had this from my garden.
  • Rose petals - I didn't have.
Spices for chai masala powder - dry ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds,nutmeg, black pepper seeds

Step by step instructions for making chai - tea masala powder

Step 1 : Add all the spices to a fry pan and roast for 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 2: After roasting, let the spices cool completely.

Step 3: Add the roasted spices to a blender and grind. You may grind coarsely or finely, according to your choice.

If you grind coarsely, the spice powder does not get into your tea cup when you strain it. If fine powder, then the chai masala powder gets filtered into your tea cup. Some people like it that way. So it is your choice. I usually grind it a little coarse.

Chai - tea masala powder is ready.

Step 4 : Store chai/tea masala powder in an airtight container. Keep a small spoon in it and use it to add powder to tea. So that you will not put a wet spoon in your chai masala powder.

 Tips and variations

You may crush the whole dry ginger if you think it is too hard for your blender. My blender was able to handle it.

Store chai masala powder in an airtight powder. You may use it for 3-4 months or longer.

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