Horse gram nutrition facts and benefits

How to sprout horse gram
Hurali - Kulith - Kollu

Welcome to horse gram nutrition facts page. Horse gram, as the name suggests, is commonly used as fodder for horses.

That is how the horses get their 'horse power'. It is also very good for human consumption. Horsegram is used more commonly in the south Indian states.

Horse gram is also known as horse grain in English. In Indian languages it is known as kulthi (Hindi), kulith / hulga (Marathi), huruli (Kannada), kollu (Tamil), Muthira (Malayalam ), ulavalu (Telgu), gahat, galath etc.

horsegram kulith hulga-500x334Horsegram - Kulith - Huruli- Hulga

It is a reddish brown, greenish brown colored, hard bean / legume. It is a  flatish, small seed. Horse gram has a long shelf life when you store in a cool dry place.

It needs to be presoaked and takes longer time to cook compared to other beans. Even when fully cooked, the grains remain separate and it does not get mushy.

It takes almost same time as kabuli chana (garbanzo beans) to cook even though it is smaller. If possible, cook it in the pressure cooker so that you can reduce cooking time.

You can also cook / boil it in an open pot with lots of water. This water is also used to make soup / saaru / rasam / curry.

There are many ways to use nutritious horse gram / kulith in traditional cooking.

  • It is eaten whole, sprouted, roasted and powdered and cooked into side dish, salad, curry, soup or chutney etc.
  • Horse gram is boiled in water and that nutritious water is used to make kollu rasam (Tamilnadu) or hurli saar (Karnataka), ulava chaaru(Andhra Pradesh) which is served with plain rice.
  •  It is also very good to drink as soup in winter as it warms up the body.
  • In Maharashtra, kulith flour is used to make kulith pithle in the similar way as besan (chickpea flour) is used to make pithle - zunka. It is also used to sprinkled over cooked vegetables to make 'peeth lavun bhaji'.
  • Whole soaked and boiled Kulith is used to make usal (bean curry) as in the same way as moth bean(matki) or mung bean.
  • You can also make khichdi with rice, soaked kulith and moong dal.

Horse gram nutrition benefits

  • Horse gram is rich in protein, vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber.
  • It is heat producing so is helpful to consume in winter
  • Horse gram helps in reducing excess fat. It is useful to women in regulating irregular periods and purifying menstruation.
  • It regulates blood glucose level and blood pressure.
  • It regulates cholesterol level and reduces flatulence.
  • It helps relieving dry piles.
  • It is good for eyes.


Pregnant women should avoid consuming horse gram as it is heat producing. It can be taken after the delivery.

horsegram kulith hulga-450x334Horsegram - Kulith - Huruli- Hulga

How to sprout horse gram - Kulith - Hurli - Kollu

Sprouted or germinated horse gram may be available in the nearby market where you live. But it is very easy to make at home.

What you need for sprouting horse gram

  • 1 cup horse gram
  • Water for washing

Method to sprout horse gram

  • Take horse gram in a plate and remove any impurities such as stones, sticks etc.
  • Take horse gram in a bowl and wash well.
  • Add 2-3 cups of water to the bowl and soak them over night (about 10-12 hours).
  • Pour horse gram along with water on a colander and drain all the water. You may leave them in the colander or transfer to another bowl.
  • Cover with a wet cloth.
  • Leave in a warm place for a day. Beautiful sprouts will have developed.

You can use these sprouted horse gram in salads, soups, raita make curry with the sprouted kulith or add them along with other vegetables to make a mixed curry.

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