Roasted gram/ Puthani/ Hurigadale recipes

Known as puthane/ dalia/ Pottu kadalai

Roasted gram - Puthani - Pottu kadalai recipes. Hurigadale / puthane / dalia recipes. Roasted gram is known as ' bhuna chana' in Hindi.

Roasted gram may be eaten by itself as it does not need any other preparation. A fistful of roasted gram can satisfy your hunger pangs. 

Health benefits of roasted gram - puthani

Roasted gram are made from brown chickpeas. These are roasted on low flame till they are crisp. They taste yummy.

  • By themselves, they are fat free and  sodium free.
  • Chickpeas are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Roasted gram are good for weight loss and are a good source of fiber.
  • As a snack, these are low in fat and keep blood sugar level stable.

How to store roasted gram:

Store roasted gram - bhuna chana in an airtight container to retain their crispness.

The roasted gram recipes listed on this page are made where puthani is the main ingredient or is one of the ingredients.

Roasted gram is added to chivda. It is also added to chats along with other crisp items and with onions, tomatoes, spice powders etc.

Roasted gram is used as one of the ingredients to make the consistency thicker in case of curry. This is mostly done in South Indian recipes.

Roasted gram - Puthani - Pottu kadalai recipes

Puthani - hurigadale chutney powder

is served with chapati, rice, dosa. Sprinkle or spread on sandwiches etc.


Roasted gram laddoo - puthani tambittu unde

Nag Panchami / Ganapati festival sweet for naivedya. Made in Karnataka and Maharashtra.


Coconut green chutney

- made with fresh grated coconut, roasted gram (puthani), coriander leaves and green chilies.

Accompaniment for idli, dosa, uttappa, chapati , rava idli etc.


How to make fried poha chivda

- This thick rice flakes recipe is made from thick poha / aval.

Tea time snack recipe

Diwali festival recipe


How to make Thin poha chivda - Rice flakes - aval

made from thin beaten / flattened rice flakes as a easy snack. Diwali festival snack. Keeps for 3-4 weeks.

Hasi majjige huli - Karnataka yogurt curry

Yogurt curry from South India - Karnataka.

This here recipe is made with chayote. This is generally made with vegetables such as chayote, cucumber, ivy gourd, okra(lady's finger etc.


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