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This is a site map for curry and vegetable side dishes. Includes vegetable and lentil curries.

Vegetable side dish recieps

Kohlrabi - navalkol subji

Kohlrabi/Knolkol subji to accompany plain rice or roti.

Vegetable Recipes- Recipes for Vegetable Dishes.

Potato Subji - Aloo Bhaji - Potato masala subji served with Poori - Chapati - Masala dosa

Potato and fenugreek leaves side dish - Aloo methi subji

Stuffed Eggplant - Bharli Vangi - Tumbid Badnekai - Serve with rice or roti - Bharwa baingan

Kobichi bhaji - Cabbage / Gobi Subji - Serve with rice or roti.

How to roast eggplant for mashed eggplant - baingan bharta

Avial - South indian recipe, a vegetable stew

Kohlrabi - navalkol subji - Kohlrabi/Knolkol subji to accompany rice or roti.

Bean Fry - Bean Subji - French Bean Subji to accompany rice or roti.

Kohlrabi and Lentil Curry - Knolkol and Masoor(Red Lentil) Curry.

How to cook beets - Easy way.

Vegetable Stir fry - Quick Vegetable stir fry recipe.

Eggplant Recipes - How to roast eggplant

Baigan Bharta - Vangyache Bharit - Roasted eggplant salad.

Eggplant curry - Mixed curry with vegetables

Baigan ka bharta - North Indian roasted eggplant recipe

Vegetable and lentil curry dishes

Chole - Chana Masala - Chickpea curry

Curry Recipes - Tasty Curry Recipes.

Eggplant Curry - Brinjal curry

Chickpea Curry - Indian Chickpea Curry Recipe.

Potato and green tomato curry

Green tomato curry

Stuffed Eggplant curry - Stuffed Brinjal curry, Yenngai, Tumbid badnekai North Karnataka cuisine.

Palak Paneer - Spinach and Cottage cheese Curry.

Tomato Gojju Curry- Tomato and Onion Curry Recipe from South India.

Onion Gojju - Onion Curry with Tamarind and Spices.

Potato Curry - Potato Curry as accompaniment for Roti, Poori, Paratha.

Potato Curry with Coconut Milk - A Potato curry recipe with Coconut milk

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