Masala Dosa Recipe

Masala dosa recipe is a easy to assemble, convenient recipe. As filling snack or a breakfast dish , masala dosa satisfies you.

Do the preparation by following the links below and then, assemble the masala dosa, hot and yummy. For making masala dosa go to get the instructions for each item:

After you have got your dosa batter, potato masala, sambar and coconut chutney ready, it is time to make Masala Dosa.

How to make Masala Dosa: Masala dosa Recipe

Dosa batter as prepared above.

You will need some vegetable oil or butter or ghee for cooking dosa. By using a nonstick pan, you can reduce the need for oil.

  • Heat tava(girdle, skillet, flat nonstick pan) and pour a ladleful dosa batter on the it. Spread it into a thin round circle of about 8-10 inch diameter. The size will depend on your pan.
  • Add a little oil on the dosa. As dosa gets cooked, bubbles will appear. When they start to subside, it is time to add stuffing as the bottom would have been cooked.
  • When the bottom side is golden brown, Put a large spoonful potato subji and fold the dosa in half.
  • Remove the dosa carefully and put it on a serving plate.

Serve it with Coconut Chutney and a bowl of Sambar and butter or Ghee(optional). It is a filling meal and you can have it at anytime of the day.

It is good for breakfast or dinner. It can also be eaten as evening snack. Doesn't matter when. It is good to eat any time and every time. 


  • If you are using non stick pan for making dosa, you may omit adding oil on the dosa if you wish.
  • Dosa batter can be used to make uttapam. If it is a little sour(2-3 days later) it is all the better.
  • If you are making thick dosa, you may cook it on both sides and then add the potato stuffing to the softer side. The browned side should be outside.
  • For variation, different kinds of chutney may be spread on the dosa before adding potato subji.

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