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Breakfast recipes

Breakfast Recipes - Indian Breakfast Food.

Bread Upma - Quick Snack with a day old bread.

Kanda Poha - Aval - Rice flakes with onion - Rice Flakes Recipe.

Batata poha

Sabudana upma

Sooji Halwa - Sheera - A sweet dish made with Semolina.

Onion Upma - Savory dish, made with Semolina, onions and other vegetables.

Vegetable upma - semolina and mixed vegetable savory dish.

Rice Bread-Akki Rotti- Spicy roti bread, made with rice flour, onions etc.

Millet Bread-Ragi Rotti - Spicy roti with finger millet flour.

Masala Dosa- Indian / Vegan Pancake Recipe.

Sorghum flour Bread - Jowar Roti called Thalipit.

Uttapam-UttapaIndian / Vegan Pancake Recipe with onion, tomatoes.

Dhokla - Gujrathi breakfast dish made with bengal gram/chickpea flour.

Sabudana sago khichadi - Made with sago dish

Sabudana sago vada - A deep fried or shallow fried sago dish.

Dalia sheera - Broken wheat / cracked wheat sweetish dish

Dallia upma - vegetables + Broken wheat/cracked wheat spicy dish

Dalia upma

Dosa - Indian / Vegan Pancake Recipe.

Poori - Delicious Indian Fry Bread.

Bread recipes

Indian Bread Recipes- Homemade Healthy Indian Breads.

what kind of flours are used in Indian Bread Recipes?

Palak Paratha - Spinach Bread - Whole wheat flour+Spinach - flat bread.

Methi Paratha - Fenugreek Bread - Whole wheat flour + Fenugreek Leaves flatbread.

Palak Poori - Indian Fry Bread using Spinach and Whole Wheat flour.

Ragi Roti-Millet Bread - Flat Bread with millet(ragi) flour, onions etc.

Naan Bread - Punjabi roti with plain flour.

Paratha- Deliciously rich Bread for any meal.

Potato Bread- Potato Bread, Called Aloo Paratha or Alu Paratha.

Palak Paratha - Spinach Bread - Whole wheat flour + Spinach flat bread.

Methi Paratha - Fenugreek Bread- Whole wheat flour+Fenugreek Leaves.

Palak Poori - Indian Fry Bread using Spinach and Whole Wheat flour.

Chapati- Commonly made Indian Flat Bread using wholewheat flour.

Phulka- No fat Indian Bread made with wholewheat flour.

Poori- Delicious Indian Fry Bread.

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