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Types of rice - Rice flakes - Puffed rice

Indian rice recipes include many dishes made with rice as a main ingredient either if the form of the rice grain or the rice flour or the rice flakes called Aval or Poha. Puffed or Popped rice is known as puri, muri, mudi, churmure, kadlepuri etc.

Rice is the staple food for most people in India.

long grain brown basmati rice - 410x410long grain brown basmati rice
short grain brown riceshort grain brown rice
white rice 402x386white rice

In the south Indian states, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra pradesh and Tamil nadu most people eat rice at breakfast, lunch and dinner in a variety of rice dishes.

In the northern states too, rice is used as much as the wheat.

How to cook brown rice

long grain brown basmati rice - 410x410

Brown rice is healthier compared to white rice as it contains more fiber and nutrients.

Cooking brown rice needs more time and planning.

Find information about How to cook brown rice, How to make brown rice, tips for making brown rice.


Rice flour from raw rice is also used in many recipes. Rice flour is generally safe for people who are on gluten free diet.

Rice flour is used to make noodles as well as many other sweets and savory snacks. Read more about Rice flour recipes


types of poha aval rice flakes - 400x400

Rice is also roasted. These rice flakes are called aval or poha or Chivda in Indian language.

These are used to make many sweet and savory recipes.


puffed rice 500x500Popped rice - puffed rice - murmure

Popped rice or puffed rice is known as churmure, kurmure(Marathi), Mandakki puri. kadle poori(Kannada).

It is used for making snacks such as bhel, churmuri, murmura chivda etc.

Cooked basmati riceCooked basmati rice

White rice, brown rice as well as parboiled rice is used for rice recipes.

Generally Rice is made either by steaming or boiling. Rice is boiled in a pot of water.

You can cook Rice on the stove top

Pressure cooker or electric cooker is used to make the rice cooking process fast and easy.

Rice is cooked as Plain rice, Steamed rice or boiled rice which is consumed with vegetables and lentil curries such as sambar and rasam or dal.

Information about How to buy and store Basmati rice.


Cook perfect basmati rice on the stove top in a pot / pan where each grain is separate.


How to make Varan bhaat - dal rice  - Comfort food - Naivedya - Maharashtrian sadha varan bhat.

 Comfort food. Everyday simple recipe.

Usually made as naivedya on festival days and feasts.


Mumbai's popular street food


Cook plain rice on the stove top or in pressure cooker to save time.

Plain rice is used to make curd rice, tamarind rice, tava pulao, lemon rice, fried rice etc. Or have it with sambar, rasam, spinach dal etc.


Spicy Mango rice - Mavinkai chitranna

Mango rice made using sour green mango. Recipe from South India.


Easy to make South Indian rice recipe for festivals, breakfast and when you want a one dish meal.


Vegetable fried rice

Colorful and healthy veg fried rice

How to make Moong dal and rice khichadi - Huggi

Easy to digest rice and mung bean lentil recipe. One Dish Meal.

Cook in pressure cooker or on the stove top.


Spicy rice varieties include pulav, Phodnicha bhaat - spicy tempered rice biryanitomato rice, Khara pongal - Venn pongal, tamarind rice, masala bhaat, etc.

Sweet coconut rice - Narali bhaat

How to make Sweet coconut Rice - Maharashtrian Narali bhaat 

Sweet rice pudding recipe made on Narali Poornima day in Maharashtra, North Karnataka.


Vegetable fried rice

Colorful and healthy veg fried rice

Sweet rice varieties from Maharashtra, - Kesari bhaat - Sakhar bhat - Sweet saffron rice Recipe and 'Narali Bhat' or the sweet coconut rice is made on a full moon day in the rainy season.

Rice kheer(rice pudding) is made all over India with a few variations.

In the southern states, rice is mixed with mung beans to make sweet Pongal to celebrate the harvest festival called Makar Sankranti every year which falls on January 14th and 15th.

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