leftover chapati policha ladoo recipe

Policha ladoo - Leftover chapati laddoo recipe is from the state of Maharashtra.

Policha ladoo, leftover chapati laddoo does not take long time to make as you already have the leftover chapaties and the remaining ingredients are also generally available in a kitchen.

You may have the chapaties leftover as a family member is not hungry or decides to skip a meal at home or has already eaten out with friends or colleagues.

This is a yummy way of using these leftover chapaties.

policha ladoo - leftover chapati laddoopolicha ladoo - leftover chapati laddoo

What ever the reason, you may not wish to eat the same chapaties the next day nor do you wish to throw them away.

Chapati laddoo or policha ladoo is the dish to make if you want to make something sweet or fodnichi poli if you want to make something spicy.

Leftover chapati laddoo - policha ladoo recipe

Main ingredients for leftover chapati policha ladoo recipe

chapati - polichapati - poli
Powdered jaggery - gudjaggery powder - gud
Grated and roasted kopragrated & roasted kopra
Khuskhus - Poppy seedsKhuskhus - Poppy seeds
Ingredients for policha ladoo - leftover chapati laddoo
  • Leftover chapaties - 4-5
  • Jaggery, crushed / grated or powdered - 2-3 tbsp, more or less according to taste
  • Ghee - 1 tbsp

Optional Ingredients

These optional ingredients are generally added for taste and flavor.

  • Copra, grated - 1 tbsp
  • Poppy seeds / khuskhus - 1/2 tsp
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp

Step by step instructions for making keyword

  1. Break the chapaties into small pieces. You may use a food processor to do this. Or you can do this by cutting the chapaties with a scissors or by tearing chapaties by hand into small pieces. After breaking into small pieces, if you wish, you may rub the pieces between your palm to make them into still smaller pieces.
  2. Heat a thick bottom pan / a non stick pan. Add ghee and jaggery powder. Keep mixing till the jaggery melts. Add the chapati pieces and mix well. Switch off the flame. Add the grated and roasted copra, cardamom powder and khuskhus. Mix well.
  3. Take off the stove. As the mixture cools a little and is easy to handle, form laddoos / balls with it. Serve with a few drops of ghee if you wish.

 Tips and variations

  • You may cut the chapaties with a knife if you wish.
  • Add more jaggery or ghee according to your taste.
  • These chapati laddooes  are good to eat for a day or two. They taste good even at room temperature.

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