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Indian cookware, that is most of the types of pots and pans used in Indian cooking are similar to the ones used the world over but we do have our special kind of kitchen cooking equipment which may be used for particular dishes.

Along with looks, I like the cooking equipment which is convenient to use and clean and maintain. I am always looking for kitchen cooking tools that will make my work easy.

I love cooking but at the same time, I like to do it in an easy and simple way. Using proper cooking utensils makes the cooking job easier and enjoyable.

Type of cookware used in Indian cooking:

At home a variety of cooking equipment is used. Depending on the usage, a different kinds of material is used to make the Indian cookware.

Most of the kitchenware is Stainless steel cookware, nonstick cookware, cast iron cookware, stoneware as well as copper bottom cookware.

For microwave cooking, special kinds of plastic-ware, glassware, ceramic ware, stoneware is available.

Though stainless steel cookware is very commonly used, aluminum cookware is also used by some.

Stainless steel cookware is more commonly used as stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain and not very expensive in India.

Types of utensils used in Indian cooking

Most of the cooking in India is done on the stove top so the kadai - Karhai (woks), girdles (tava), pots, saucepans are used a lot.


- of different sizes for deep frying, making snacks, curries. Karahi is stainless steel, cast iron, nonstick, anodized, or ceramic coated.

Steel induction bottom kadai

Tava / tawa(girdles) - for making dosa, chapatti, paratha etc. Tavas are of cast iron, nonstick, anodized, or ceramic coated.You can see cast iron and clay tava/tawa in the images below.

Tadaka pan(small skillet) - used for tempering, frying spices etc. Tadka pans are made with cast iron, nonstick, anodized, or ceramic coated

Tadka pan - Used to make temperingTadka pan - Used to make tempering
Deep pans/pots

- for cooking rice, curries, kheer etc. Pots and pans are made with cast iron, nonstick, anodized, or ceramic coated etc.

Pressure cookers - For cooking plain rice, lentil dals, beans, vegetables, pulao, boiling potatoes etc. Pressure cooker is also used to steam idli, dhokla.

Pressure cookers are made with aluminum, stainless steel etc.

When pressure cooker is used for steaming, no weight should be used.

Pressure cooker is an efficient addition to any kitchen. Most homes have at least one pressure cooker. Many kitchens have more than one pressure cooker.

Keeping a different size can be of great help. I have two, a small one, (4 lt) and a large one (7.5 lt). I use the small one more.

With the increase in the use of microwave oven, suitable microwave cookware is available too. Read more about microwave cookware

Indian cookware is available in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets.

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