Microwave cookware for
microwave cooking

Microwave cookware is needed for Microwave cooking. Many homes have microwave ovens now as it saves a lot of time and is convenient and less messy to use. The kitchenware you have been using on the stove top and/ or in the oven is not suitable for microwave cooking.

Why use microwave safe cookware?

Microwave safe cookware is specially made to use in the microwave. It should allow the microwaves to go through the cookware as well as the food. That is the reason you need to get and use special kind of cookware for use in microwave ovens.

Microwave safe cookware is available with lid or without lid. Remember that the lid also should be microwave safe.

Metal cookware such as stainless steel cookware or aluminum cookware can not be used as microwaves do not pass through it and you will find sparks coming if you try to use it.

Cookware which has metal rings also can not be used and it may damage your microwave or can cause fire.

Material for microwave safe cookware

Microwave safe cookware is made with several kinds of material. Whenever and whatever you cook in your microwave oven, make sure the container as well as the lid is microwave safe.

  • The oven proof, heat resistant glassware can be used in the microwave. Check first that it says that it is microwave safe. Borosil, Pyrex, corning ware make microwave safe glass cookware.
  • Unglazed glass dinnerware.
  • Ceramic or earthenware can be used.
  • Plastic - the regular plastic can not be used. There is a special kind of plastic that can be used for reheating food. Even there, the plastic should not get discolored after using. There are many companies making plastic cookware.
  • Some such as paper as wood can be used for short time heating or cooking. For example making popcorn in paper bags. When cooking for longer time in paper, there is a risk of starting fire.

Do not use the storage containers used in refrigerator to reheat food in the oven unless they are microwave safe. Use only microwave safe porcelain or glassware or plastic.

Choose cookware with cover so that food does not get splattered in your microwave. It can also help food to cook faster.

What type of cookware is available for microwave cooking?

A variety of microwave cookware is available to use for different purpose.

Rice cookers, Popcorn maker, vegetable steamers, egg broilers, omelet pans, egg poacher, food defroster, microwave browning dish etc.

Some cookware can be used for storing food in the refrigerator as well as reheating and for cooking.

You can also get cookware sets and dinner sets and that can be used in a microwave.

Freeze, heat and store sets.

You may also get a sectioned plate so that you can heat microwave meals together. You can heat different items at the same time in the plate.

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