Quick tomato onion side dish recipe

by Shobana Viswanathan
(Mumbai )

This quick tomato onion side dish recipe is ready to serve with rice, roti, or bread within 10-15 minutes.

We always have onions and tomatoes in the kitchen and this is a dish that you can prepare in a jiffy.

Whether it is for the family or for the unexpected guests, it is liked by all.

You may also send it the in the lunch box with chapaties or rice or parathas as it is good even at room temperature.

How to make tomato onion side dish

List of ingredients for and the quantity

  • Three medium sized tomatoes

  • two meduim sized onions

  • two teaspoon ground nuts(peanuts)

  • one teaspoon urud dal(split white lentils)

  • one teaspoon chana dal(bengal gram dal)

  • two dried red chillies - more or less according to taste

  • about half spoon mustard seeds

  • a spoonful of chilly powder or sambar powder

  • about three spoons oil for cooking

  • salt to taste

  • About half cup of water -more or less according to the consistency you want.

  • Preparation to do before cooking

    Cut tomatoes into small cubes and slice onions.

    Step by step cooking instructions

    1. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds.

    2. When the mustard seeds splutter, add the ground nuts, urad dal, chana dal,red chillies.

    3. When the dals and ground nuts turn slightly red, add chopped tomatoes and onions.

    4. Stir well.Add salt.

    5. Add a spoon full of chilly powder or sambar powder. Mix well.

    6. Keep gas in low flame and stir in between.

    7. Add water little by little. When the tomatoes are cooked well and a gravy like consistency forms with onions,remove from gas.

    Serving suggestions

    A quick colorful tomato onion gravy is ready.

    This can be served with hot paranthas or rice.

    This can also be had with bread toast.

    What variations can you make with this recipe?

    No variations as this serves as a curry / chutney / gravy.

    Why do you or your family like this recipe?

    It takes minimum cooking time.

    Tomatoes and onions are always available and nutritious as well.

    This also serves as a comfort food with rice, roti, paratha and bread.

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