Horsegram Kulith Gahat Huruli Recipes

Horsegram Kulith Gahat Huruli recipes with nutrition information.

Horsegram / horse gram horse gram, kulthi bean, gahat, hurali, or Madras gram is a legume.  It is consumed in many parts of India.  It is consumed whole, sprouted, or in flour form/ground. 

horsegram kulith hulga-450x334Horsegram - Horsegrain - Kulith - Huruli - Gahat

There are many nutritional and medicinal uses of horse gram and it is also known as a superfood.

You may read about the nutritional values of horse gram here.

horsegram kulith hulga-500x334Horsegram - Horsegrain - Kulith - Huruli - Gahat

Horsegram - Kulith - Kulthi chutney.

This chutney is healthy and has a long shelf life.


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