Indian Buttermilk Recipes

Indian buttermilk recipes are many. Being a hot country, buttermilk is used to cool the body during summers. recipes. Indian buttermilk is made two ways. One is by mixing thick yogurt/curd/dahi with water. The thin residue after taking out butter from cream is also known as buttermilk.

Both kinds of buttermilk differ in taste slightly. These are also used in different recipes.

Buttermilk is used in cooking as well as in raw form. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner are made using buttermilk. Many breakfast recipes are also made using buttermilk.

Hasi majjige huli - yogurt curry

Hasi majjige huli - Karnataka yogurt curry

Yogurt curry from South India - Karnataka.

This here recipe is made with chayote. This is generally made with vegetables such as chayote, cucumber, ivy gourd, okra(lady's finger etc.


Besan Kadhi - Dahi Kadhi

Besan kadhi is made with gram flour and buttermilk or yogurt.

Serve as hot beverage or with plain rice or dal khichadi.


Instant rava dosa

Instant crisp rava dosa for breakfast or any meal or a quick filling snack.


Ragi - Nachni - Finger millet dosa

A finger millet flour pancake recipe.

Nachni / Ragi dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe and doesn't take long to prepare.


Spicy buttermilk poha - Takatale pohe

Breakfast recipe from Karnataka, made with avalakki /rice flakes.

You may use buttermilk or fresh curd to make this easy recipe.


Besan kadhi

Instant dosa

spicy Poha - huli avalakki with buttermilk


spicy buttermilk

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