Veg and Orange Salad Recipe

by Mishti

This veg and orange salad recipe is simple and easy.

Good to eat by itself or as an accompaniment to a meal, this salad is great.

It is colorful and tempting. In addition to that it is healthy.

Kids as well as grown ups love it. It can be made in advance and served cold.

So you can make it for a party or a picnic.

How to make veg and orange salad

List of Ingredients and the quantity for veg and orange salad

Cucumber - 1, diced
Tomato – 1, deseeded and diced
Capsicum - 1/2, deseeded and diced
Chana (white chickpeas - garbanzo beans) - 1/2 cup, boiled but firm
Oranges - 2
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves - 2 tablespoons, finely chopped
Oil - 1 tsp
Green chilies or Red chillies – 2 (or according to taste)
Mustard - 1 tsp

Preparation to do before making salad

Soak and boil the chana till just done. Find detailed instructions about soaking and cooking chickpeas and follow them to get boiled chickpeas. Chana(chickpeas) should be ready and cold before you start mixing salad as per instructions given below.

Step by step instructions for mixing orange salad

Mix cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum together in a large bowl.
Add the boiled chana and salt.
Peel one orange, remove the rind and seeds, and chop each section into three pieces. Add this to the rest of the vegetables.
Squeeze the other orange, and pour the juice over the other ingredients.
Finely chop the chilies (green or red). Using a pair of scissors for this will be convenient.

Make tempering

Heat the oil, add the mustard. When it stops crackling, add the chilies. Take off flame.
Cool a little and pour over salad. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serving suggestions

Serve immediately or serve cold after keeping it for about 30 minutes.
It is a good dish by itself, but can be had with chapattis, oats, porridge as an interesting accompaniment.

What variations can you make with this recipe?

You may add chopped onion to this salad.
Add sliced apple to this salad.
Add a tea spoon of lime juice to this salad.

Why do you or your family like this recipe?

It is a healthy salad option, and is particularly fulfilling in the summer months.

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