How to prevent ladyfinger from turning black while cooking?

by Isha

Hi There,

I am just started to learn cooking .
I would like to know that while cooking ladyfinger (okra) on a medium flame , at times the kadai turns black and the ladyfinger also while its still raw turns black .

How to prevent both the ladyfinger and kadai from turning black while cooking when there is sufficient oil and the ladyfinger is not fully cooked and so, requires heating?

I added some water to it today ... Is it correct to add water to dry vegetables as ladyfinger .. Cz it may make them moist?

Look forward to your kind reply .


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Mar 01, 2016
Answer by admin
by: Admin

Hi Isha,

Glad to know that you have started to learn cooking. I think everyone should learn basic cooking. It is bound to be useful.

Regarding your question about okra(ladies finger) and the kadai turning black -

You have not mentioned what kind of kadai you are using.

You should not be using brass, iron or copper kadai for cooking okra. There is chemical reaction and that turns okra black.

If using an iron pan, heat oil and fry okra on high flame stirring once in a while till the sliminess of okra is gone. Do not let it burn and remove from the iron pan once your curry/subji is done.

Fry okra in oil first till the stickiness/sliminess goes away and then you may add water if you wish.

If you add water while okra is still slimy, your okra will have gummy stickiness which is not very pleasant.

Hope this helps!

Best luck with your cooking!


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