English name for Mogem, a vegetable from cucumber family

by Irene

Question by Irene:

I would like to know the English name of a vegetable which is from the cucumber family.

It has beautiful coloured orange and yellow stripes on its outer skin.

In Konkani it is named as 'Mogem' and is always stored for monsoon months and cooked with a variety of things.


Hi Irene,
Thank you for asking your question here.

The vegetable/fruit from cucumber family which is known as 'Mogem' in Konkani is known as 'Field marrow' in English.

'Mogem' is also known as 'Mangalore cucumber / Manglore southekai' or 'Madras cucumber'.

I have added an image of the vegetable. Hope that is the one you mean. If not, let me know.


Because of it's long shelf life, it is used to make a variety of vegetable curry, sambar dishes when other vegetables are in short supply.

By the way, botanically, cucumber is considered a fruit and not a vegetable.

Thank you and have a great day!

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