Easy Hyderabadi Biryani Recipe

by Sonal Bansal
(Delhi, India)

This Hyderabadi Biryani recipe is easy to make. It is a good one to serve at parties or as a one dish meal.

List of ingredients for Hyderabadi Biryani

- 2cups of rice
- 1 carrot cut in small cubes
- 10-12 french beans,
- 10-12 peas
- Some florets of cauliflower
- 3onions cut into thin slices,
- 1tsp ginger-garlic paste,
- 1/2 bowl of dahi-curd(plain yogurt)
- Few drops of yellow food color.

Preparation to do before cooking

-Boil the rice n keep aside
-Fry all the vegetables
-Fry the onion slices n keep aside.

Step by step cooking instructions

-Take a karahi(wok) or Handi(deep pot),put cooking oil in it
-Saute ginger garlic paste
-Add the vegetables in it then add curd in it
-Mix them properly n keep aside.
-Now remove the mixture in a bowl and put a layer of rice in the karahi,then a layer of fried onions,then a layer of vegetables then a layer of rice again,
-Repeat the same process till the final layer of rice is on the top,
-Then dissolve the yellow colour in water n sprinkle it on the top layer of rice
-Cover the karahi with a lid n keep the karahi on a tava(girdle) so that it does not get direct heat for 2-3mins.
-Remove the karahi from the tava before serving.

Serving suggestions

-Remove the lid from the karahi,
-Plate the biriyani in the plate
-Garnish it with chopped hara dhania (fresh coriander leaves)
Serve Hyderabadi biryani with onion rings, mint chutney n mint raita n dal makhni.

Variations can you make with this recipe-

You can add dry fruits such as cashew n almond also.

My family likes this recipe coz this is my moms best recipe.

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