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Welcome to the cooking videos section. You may follow a recipe by reading or listening to the cooking instructions, watching the recipe videos makes it more interesting and easier to learn.

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Easy to make Navaratri Recipe

Beetroot Halwa - Indian sweet

Coconut chutney Premix for Idli Dosa Uttappam etc.

Dry fruit laddoo / Modak

Chana dal kheer. Kadale bele payasa.
चना दाल खीर. ಕಡಲೆಬೇಳೆ ಪಾಯಸ.
हरबरा डाळीची खीर.

Simple & easy 5 minutes Zucchini Sabzi Recipe. Zucchini stir fry Indian style from Nayana's Veg Kitchen.

Easy Healthy Salad recipe Carrot Moongdal Kosambri. Koshimbir. गाजर मूग डाळ कोशिंबीर. Festival salad

Bhendiche bharit Recipe. Bhindi ka bharta / Raita. Okra in yogurt recipe. खमंग भेंडीचे भरीत - रायतं

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