Carrot Ring Recipe question

by Debbie Burns
(Mesa, AZ USA)

I love this recipe for "My Favorite Carrot Ring", however, the carrots always turn a sickly, very unappetizing green color!

I have tried various pans; the last couple of times I have used my teflon Bundt pan; have tried a copper jello tube pan, an aluminum tube pan, etc.

Any ideas? Is it perhaps the lemon in the recipe? Thanks!

Read the recipe and the answer to the question 'why do the carrots turn green when cooked' below.

Debbie's Recipe for Carrot Ring

Ingredints for Carrot ring Recipe

3/4 c margarine, 1/2 c brown sugar, 1 1/4 c flour, 1 t baking powder, 1 t soda, 1/2 t salt, 2 beaten eggs, 1 solid c grated carrots, 1 T water, 1 t lemon juice, 1/2 T lemon rind, 1/2 t vanilla

Method to make carrot ring

"Cream margarine & sugar in large mixing bowl.

Add flour, baking powder, soda & salt.

Blend together the egg, carrots, water & lemon, add to flour mixture and stir until well blended.

Spoon into a well greased 9 inch ting mold. Place in a pan of hot water.

Bake 45-50- min in a 350 degree oven (be sure the water in the pan comes up to at least half way up the ring mold. It should be slightly brown when ready).

Take out of the pan of water & let stand for 5 min.

Loosen mold with knife & turn out on platter.

I refrigerate the leftovers & eat this cold with hot coffee the next day."

Why do the carrots turn green in carrot cake?

Answer by Nayana

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for sharing with us the 'carrot ring recipe.

I do not think the pan is causing any discoloration to the carrots.

I believe the carrot peels and/or the baking soda/baking powder may be causing the ‘carrots turning green’ problem.

If the baking powder and soda is more than necessary or is not mixed evenly, carrots may turn green after baking.

Peeling the carrots can solve the problem. If you are using the store bought grated carrots, get the peeled and grated carrots.

Using fresh carrots and peeling and grating them is healthier option.

Please share with us if this works next time you make this carrot ring.

Thank you for visiting and asking the question.

Have a great day!

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