About raw onion smell in cooked curry

by Priya


I belong to Punjabi family and we prepare curries using onion, tomato, ginger, garlic.

Whenever I cook the paste of all above-mentioned ingredients, it always remains uncooked.

I can taste uncooked onion in the gravy. Even after pressure-cooking also, the raw onion smell remains.

What could be the reason and solution please.

Thanks in advance

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onions, pyaz, kanda


Thanks for visiting and asking your question.

The onion smells because of the juice in the onions which contains sulfur.

If you grind raw onions and use the raw onion paste in curry, it smells.

If you are using a food processer or a blunt knife, more juice is released from the onions. More juice means more smell.

You may use the following steps to reduce the raw onion smell:

Use a sharp knife.

Cook the onions first by frying/sautéing in some oil and then grind these cooked onions along with other ingredients to make the onion paste for your curry base.

Or, You may cook/boil the onion in water and then make the paste. This will reduce the raw onion smell.

You may also

Add the chopped onions to a bowl filled with cold water and keep for 15-20 minutes. Then pour the onions on a sieve to remove water. Discard the water. Wash the onions again and then use in cooking or raw in a dish like a salad.

Hope these suggestions help your raw onion smell in curry problem.

Try these tips and see which one works for you. Do let us know by commenting below which one was more useful to you and any other suggestions you may have.

Your comments may help other visitors / readers too.

Have a great day!

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Sep 03, 2015
Fry the onion paste in oil
by: Rudra

Before putting in the paste, fry the paste in adequate oil for some time till the oil separates from the masala (paste).

If you are using the paste as marinade, put some crisp fried onions and dhania and podina patta (cilantro and mint leaves) too.

Jun 18, 2014
Raw onion smell problem while cooking curry
by: Nina

I too have the same problem while cooking curry. I have been using the raw onion paste for making curry gravy. I will try the suggestions given.

Thank you!

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