How to correct Moong Urad Paapad gone wrong

Hello experts

I wanted to ask that I tried to make urad and moong daal mixed papad. I made the mistake. They went thick. Now I want to remake them from the same dough. Suggest me what to do. They have dried up also, but not completely.

Please help

I have never done this but I can suggest the following thing. Try it at first with only 5-6 papad.

Break up or tear up 5-6 papads. Place in a bowl.

Add a little water over the papad pieces, just 1 tbsp.

Let the papads soak in that water for an hour or so.

Gather the pieces together and try to form into a dough ball.

Check to see if papad is back to the softness of dough you require to roll out again.

Otherwise add some water if necessary and continue soaking.

When/if the papads are back to the dough consistency required, make balls and roll out as thin as you want and dry them again.

If this works, you may do the same with other papads too even if they are completely dry.

Let us know if this experiment works for you.

Otherwise, thick papads can be roasted on a slow flame or deep fried to enjoy. They are good to make masala papad by adding onion, tomato etc.

Have a great and successful day!

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