Ginger health benefits

Here is the info about ginger health benefits. There are many health benefits of ginger.

What is ginger?

Ginger is a natural root spice and an herb. It has aromatic flavor and pungent taste. Ginger is commonly used in cooking and is generally good for digestion.

Ginger is available in many forms. It is used in fresh as well as dried form.

Fresh ginger root is known in Indian languages as - adrak - sunthi - inji – ale – allam etc.

Fresh ginger rootFresh ginger root - sunthi - inji - ale

In the fresh / raw form, it is available as fresh root in vegetable shops.

Fresh ginger is also available as raw paste, in a preserved form in grocery shops. It is packed in bottles or plastic pouches.

Go to how to make ginger paste at home.

Dry ginger root is known in Indian languages - sunth - shunti – chukka.

Whether you use fresh or dry ginger, it adds taste and flavor to a dish. It makes a dish a bit hot and spicy.

dry ginger root - sunth - shunti - chukkudry ginger root - sunth - shunti - chukku

Ginger is an important part of Indian cuisine and many other Asian cuisines such as Thai cuisine and Chinese cuisine. The ancient Indian healthcare system, Ayurveda, advises adding ginger to every meal.

Uses of ginger spice/herb

Ginger is used as a food flavoring and as medicine. Ginger is one of the natural cures for digestive problems.

Ginger contains digestive, anti-flatulent, laxative, and antacid compounds. It is used for reliving indigestion as well as heartburn.

Uses of ginger spice/herb in Indian cooking

Ginger pachadi/raita/chutney is made and served during heavy festival meals in South Indian states.

Ginger is added to buttermilk / mor/ masala chaas /chaach/ masala majjige.

Maharashtrian maththa - is flavored with ginger to help digestion.

Ginger tea / adrakwali chai - Drink ginger tea once a day. It good especially in winter and on rainy days.

Ginger pickle

Ginger chutney

Ginger is used in cooking curries and vegetable sides dishes and flavoured rice dishes such as biryani, pulao etc.

Dry ginger powder is used in baking. Dry ginger powder is used in making ginger bread, cakes and cookies etc.

After some processing, ginger is also available as

  • candied ginger
  • ginger oil
  • ginger capsules
  • ginger tablets
  • liquid ginger
  • ginger tea
  • ginger pickle

Health benefits of Ginger

  • Prevents nausea in pregnancy and while traveling
  • Freshens breath
  • Improves circulation, cleans and thins blood
  • Relieves painful arthritis. Ginger oil massage is very useful because of its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Eases stomach cramps, morning sickness, dizziness
  • Prevents colds and flu, sore throat. Ginger is good for throat and improves voice and tone.
  • Gives relief from menstrual cramps

How to use ginger

You may eat raw or cooked ginger before a meal or along with a meal.

Drink a little water with ginger if you are eating it by itself.

Ginger is a hot spice. It may give you a burning sensation especially when you consume it raw. Do not consume too much ginger at a time.

Chew a tiny piece of fresh ginger root to improve taste if the mouth feels kind of tasteless.

You may or may not peel ginger skin but make sure to wash it well as it is a root spice.

You may chop, slice, julienne, crush, grate ginger to add to your dish.

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